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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

098 WWEs Fuller House of Injuries

- Host Swap Ric and Mc Switch Places
- Review of the Ring of Honor 14th Anniversary PPV
- TNA for Sale
- The Week of Wrestling with Raw, NXT, ROH, NJPW etc
- Talk on upcoming UFC 196 McGregor vs Diaz & Holm vs Tate
- Fuller House Impressions
- The Walking Dead 6x11 "Knots Untie" Review
- Fabulous Freebirds for 2016 Hall of Fame
- Injury Updates
- The Pawning of Hall of Fame Rings
- Shane O'Mac
- What Games Are Team TalkBrunch Playing?
- Smite Night
- Lucha Underground Comic Books
- The True Top Wrestling Companies
- Chris Hero's Weight
- Roman Reign's Push
- What Pure WWE Wrestlers Would Make it in the Indys
- Why Pawn Stars is a Work
- Leaked NXT Pilot Script