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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

077 WWE Lesnar MSG, Bound for Glory, FearTWD Finale

- WWE Lesnar MSG, TNA Bound for Glory & Raw Rundown
- TalkBrunch's new home on RantEM
- Fear The Walking Dead Season finale review
- Hulkster flow
- How the internet has changed wrestling
- TNA Issues
- Bound for Glory Review
- John Cena's off TV
- Foley on Cena vs Ziggler
- CM Punk calls Susan G. Komen a scam
- Paige bomb
- Eva Marie stronger than suicide
- WWE2k16 news updates
- Jake is afraid of snakes
- NXT Takeover Respect predictions
- Vader time! Vader time! Vader time!
- Alundra Blaze fires shots at Divas
- Stone Cold boycotting mania
- WWE going after ProWrestlingTees.com
- Zahra Schreiber Returns To Wrestling