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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

073 WWE Raw Rundown, Sting Appears, Snuka Details, TNA Countdown and News

- Jimmy Superfly Snuka's murder charge details
- Zahra Schreiber's release reaction
- Honky Tonk man talks TNA not paying their bills
- Impact Wrestling Rundown
- Bret burns various legends and Owen's wife
- Hulkster Flow
- Dana White response to "wrestling fake" comment reactions
- Sabu responds to shit smearing accusations
- Tammy Sytch lashes out
- WWE2K16 updates
- Eva Marie big push discussion
- CM Punk legal battle
- Raw Rundown
- Leva Bates/Blue Pants Heat
- Bruce Hart on Tyson Kidd
- Another crazy fan rushes a superstar on Raw
- Sting destroy's Rollins statue