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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

076 WWE is in a New York state of mind

- Raw & Impact Rundown
- Fear the Walking Dead
- NJPW Recent shows
- Lucha Underground Season 2 details
- Former WWE Champions to Lucha Underground
- Hornswaggle suspended
- Tammy Sytch Legal update
- Sting status & health updates
- Cameron breakdown on periscope
- Diva revolution updates on pushes
- Dana White paranoid about losing Ronda to WWE
- TNA status
- Undertaker & Lesnar's next opponents
- Finn Balor's stock goes through the ceiling
- Return of the brothers of destruction
- Foley says push Cesaro
- Triple H vs Rock at Mania good for business?
- Nikki on Cena getting her the push
- Josh Matthews takes jab at Diva's revolution

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

075 WWE Night of Champions, ROH All Star, and TNA Lockdown

- WWE Night of Champions and Raw Rundown
- NJPW Road To Destruction 2015
- Destiny the Taken King
- Ronda Rousey on Nick Diaz's suspension
- Dana takes another jab at WWE
- Fear the Walking Dead discussion
- ROH All Star Extravaganza 2015 Rundown
- TNA canceled in several places
- Dixie's silly comments
- Lucha Underground Returning
- Lockdown review
- WWE2K16 updates
- Hulkster Flow
- Law & Order in Wrestling
- Shield's new member was a crazy fan
- Sting's title match
- And lots of other news

Friday, September 18, 2015

Whats on Lonely Virgils GoFundme Page

Ever wonder what's on Lonely Virgil's (Aka Mike Jones) GoFundMe page? Probably not but we decided to take a look in this segment from Episode 72. The results just might surprise you & even make you laugh a little. Due to popular request, this second serving is on the house!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

074 WWE Sting match on Raw, Night of champions predictions and news

- Sting's first match on Raw
- Mayweather/Berto
- Fear the Walking Dead review
- Japanese star Kana (Asuka) comes to WWE
- Paige and Fox's barfight
- NXT Diva racist tweets
- NXT Takeover Iron woman match
- Night of champions predictions
- Reason for raspy Ric
- Nicole Bass attempted suicide rumors
- Bischoff/Russo comments on controversial Bash at the beach finish
- Former wrestlers complain about Bubba stiffing them
- Hulker flow
- Gunner punts fan and signs it "Gunski"
- Kevin Nash twitter hacked, nude girl posted
- Mick Foley throws out fan
- Harlem heat vs The Dudley boys
- Earl Hebner to TNA Hall of Fame
- Freebirds possible to WWE hall of fame
- Hardys possibly to WWE
- WWE2k16 roster update
- New day works, new day works
- Is the diva's revolution an epic Russo?
- Raw & TNA rundown
- McWrestlin misses the second screen
- Chris Melendez's leg now in the enemy camp

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

073 WWE Raw Rundown, Sting Appears, Snuka Details, TNA Countdown and News

- Jimmy Superfly Snuka's murder charge details
- Zahra Schreiber's release reaction
- Honky Tonk man talks TNA not paying their bills
- Impact Wrestling Rundown
- Bret burns various legends and Owen's wife
- Hulkster Flow
- Dana White response to "wrestling fake" comment reactions
- Sabu responds to shit smearing accusations
- Tammy Sytch lashes out
- WWE2K16 updates
- Eva Marie big push discussion
- CM Punk legal battle
- Raw Rundown
- Leva Bates/Blue Pants Heat
- Bruce Hart on Tyson Kidd
- Another crazy fan rushes a superstar on Raw
- Sting destroy's Rollins statue

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

072 WWE Sting, Hulk Hogan news, Look at the flowers Dixie

- Hogan's breakdown on Good Morning America
- Fear the walking dead Episode 2 Rundown
- WWE2K16 updated Roster and Features
- Ronda Rousey/Miesha Tate/Holly Holm news
- Hilarious fan comments from Virgil's GoFundMe
- Bram arrested for strangling girlfriend
- Heroes Reborn
- Wrestlers in danger around fans
- Zahra Schreiber swastika
- Negative effects of social media on wrestlers
- Jason's poem to Brooke (If I knew your father)
- Tough Enough Finale Rundown
- Sasha Bank's anime and comic book hobbies
- Jason's adventures with the Yellow ranger
- Mick Foley unhappy with Amanda's slut shaming
- Dark Angel/Sarita to WWE
- GFW recent news
- TNA's final days
- Tyson Kidd Injury update
- Caitlyn Jenner, He or She
- Diva's dislike Brooklyn Crowd
- Sting puts Triple H over for upcoming main event
- Miss Elizabeth, longest running NWO member of all time
- Ryback's potential for a top spot
- New commentary teams
- Listener Comments