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Saturday, March 14, 2015

- Last week's Smackdown & this week's Raw rundown
- Relevance of the second screen experience
- WWE Overusing part time talent
- Luke Harper changes his shirt
- Welcome back to planet Stasiak!!
- Bill Demott's release
- NXT Talent being pushed up or changed
- New Day as tag champs under Freebird rules
- Racial Bill Demott quotes
- Sin Cara/Hunico Speaking english
- Fans mark for WWE's lazy Sting and Undertaker segments
- Why can't WWE get top talent to come to Raw
- Dean Ambrose & Renee Young
- Will Jarrett bring GFW to Spike TV
- Daniel Bryan spots all on the second screen yet again
- Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon argument
- Lillian announces Big show as 4 feet tall
- Happy Birthday to our dropkick diva in trainning Trish