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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

- WWE's history of allowing outside talent to keep gimmicks
- Does WWE handcuff talent performances
- Sheamus's hair
- NXT being used as an instrument of indy destruction
- Increase in false finishes
- The magical wishing podcast
- The Light Heavyweight title
- The Ascension's current skill level
- The challenge of booking a full time Brock Lesnar
- Axelmania still running wild
- Crowd trolls everything bad
- Regal/Ambrose FCW feud
- SoCal Val is a rosebud
- Naomi's ass to mouth (Rear end) bad move offensively?  or offensively bad move?
- Crazy fans rushing the ring
- Sting segment after Raw
- Jake's snakes
- Ciampa done with RoH
- Big E responds to crowd heat
- WWE's next mobile game actually a wrestling game
- Various wrestling styles 
- Rollins thanks Reigns for match during mania pin
- Sexual chocolate gimmick conclusion
- TNA's ratings
- GFW news

Monday, March 30, 2015

- Comic Book Comparisons
- Recap of the last 2 episodes
- Reactions to the finale
- Is Deanna Monroe a good politician
- Existing and functioning in a zombie apocalypse
- Young people wild
- Is Enid the replacement Sophia
- Morgan and the staff
- Wolves/Scavengers traps
- Andrea/Sasha's sharpshooter role
- What arcs to expect next season
- No way out/All out war
- Fear the Walking Dead (Walking Dead Spin-off series)
- Wrestlemania 31 rating
- Hall of Fame 2015 Discussion
- Should the current diva belt be replaced by Alundra Blaze's
- WWE Translators for foreign HoF talent
- Big show possibly retiring after Andre trophy win
- Was this Undertakers last match
- Sting's physical condition at Wrestlemania
- DX Vs the NWO at mania
- NXT and indy influence on the main brand
- Ronda Rousey and Rock team up at mania
- Dirtsheets

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

- Wrestlemania Predictions
- Does it feel like Mania season
- Was Smackdown always the B show
- Cena's days off
- Gamestop's terrible midnight launches
- Tatsumi Fujinami underwhelming announcement effort
- IC and US titles becoming main event titles
- Why people shouldn't do run ins dressed in wrestling gear
- Digital vs Physical games
- No new day members at mania
- WWE Toys vs Video games
- Wrestling revolution android game
- Are the Bellas responsible for Diva's getting a chance
- Superkick sound effects in current wrestling
- NXT as a 2 hour show
- TNA marks spend no money
- The death of Perro Aguayo Jr

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

- Sting comes to Raw and saves Orton
- Melina claims Drax didn't "destroy" her
- Full Raw and NXT discussion
- Rundown of the FWE wrestling XIX iPPV
- Good that dark likes olders
- is NXT becoming the brand WWE's ECW should have been?
- Are there better ways to make Roman Reigns look strong?
- FWE Surprise upset
- Smackdown's awkward ending
- Will Alex Riley make it this time?
- WWE's bombed Russian lawyer/Cena Segment
- The benefits of following indy wrestling
- WWE's Copyright claim a jab at the Bulletclub
- Do WWE's petty actions prove people like Punk and Alberto right?
- Where SHOULD WWE invest their time and energy
- Paul London's very long intro
- Larry Zbyszko in Hall of Fame
- Why the IC match at mania will steal the show
- Stone Cold Steve Austin audio on CM Punk in MMA
- Victoria/Tara leaves Chicago & restaurant due to husband's affair
- Jimmy Jacobs leaving RoH for WWE Creative position
- Dirtsheets
We discuss the most traumatizing Walking Dead episode yet!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

- Last week's Smackdown & this week's Raw rundown
- Relevance of the second screen experience
- WWE Overusing part time talent
- Luke Harper changes his shirt
- Welcome back to planet Stasiak!!
- Bill Demott's release
- NXT Talent being pushed up or changed
- New Day as tag champs under Freebird rules
- Racial Bill Demott quotes
- Sin Cara/Hunico Speaking english
- Fans mark for WWE's lazy Sting and Undertaker segments
- Why can't WWE get top talent to come to Raw
- Dean Ambrose & Renee Young
- Will Jarrett bring GFW to Spike TV
- Daniel Bryan spots all on the second screen yet again
- Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon argument
- Lillian announces Big show as 4 feet tall
- Happy Birthday to our dropkick diva in trainning Trish

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

- Recent NXT show discussion
- JBL Good fit for new commentary
- Ryback's improvements
- WCW Goldberg streak hindsight
- NXTs Blake & Murphy good or bad
- Why no ECW theme music for Heyman
- Connor the crusher Michalek in Hall of fame
- Overall issues with HoF induction standards
- Who the hell is Wiz Khalifa
- Dara's old taste in music
- Chyna's meltdown and threats

Monday, March 9, 2015

Dara & McWrestlin discuss season 5 episodes 12 and 13 of the walking dead, and do a few comic book comparisons.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

*Raw, UFC 184 & ROH 13th anniversary rundown
*Roderick Strong & Jay Lethal promos
*Lethal calling Aj Lee a hand me down
*Did TNA bury Sting
*TNA's loose roster
*Was Lashley a poor man's Lesnar
*Superkicks are universal now
*What were the best promos this week
*UFC eye poke issues and solutions
*ECW's Bill Alfonso
*Is WWE intentionally nerfing Daniel Bryan
*More segments exclusive to only second screen
*The nightmare of Bill Demott for rookies