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Monday, April 30, 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

246 We're in Da Money

- WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Overview
- Final Analysis of the Superstar Shakeup
- ESPN's WrestleMania 35 Card Predictions
- Impact Wrestling Releases & New Titles
- Scott Steiner Hilarious Conference Call
- Booker T Challenges Goldberg
- Rundown of WWE Saudi Arabia Tryout Winners
- Billy Graham's Nasty Ronda Rousey Words
- Nikki's Pity Proposal & WWE Return
- Uber Driver Marks Out for WWE Superstars
- Thoughts on AMC's "The Terror"
- Opinion on Brian Michael Bendis in DC Comics
- Action Comics 1000 & Superman
- Westworld Season 2 Impressions
- Ready Player One Spoiler Free Thoughts
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates & More!!!!!

[Panelists - Ric DaraPadawan JenDestin FrazierJordan Worth Cobb]

Monday, April 23, 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

245 Reach for the Gimmick

- WWE Superstar Shakeup 2018
- John Cena & Nikki Bella Split
- Rusev Release & Contract Issues
- Jerry Lawler Recovers from Stroke
- Hornswoggle Can't Piss
- Lonely Virgil Almost Arrested
- Shoot Fight at ROH Steel City Excellence
- Dolph Ziggler's Extended Contract
- Becky Lynch & Dolph Ziggler Promote UFC
- The Return of Rich Swann (To CZW :( )
- Impact Wrestling Redemption PPV Card
- The Brock Lesnar Situation Update
- Performance Center Stalker Got Served
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates & More!!!!!

[Panelists - Ric DaraPadawan JenBianca SousaDestin Frazier]

Monday, April 16, 2018

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

244 The Song That Doesn't End

- WrestleMania Aftermath News & Updates
- Brock Lesnar/Vince McMahon Backstage Issues
- Conor McGregor Gone Wild
- ROH Supercard of Honor XII Full Rundown
- WrestleCon Supershow 2018 Impressions
- UFC 223 Co & Main Event Results
- Brock Lesnars's Contracts with UFC and WWE
- Alberto Del Rio Fired from Impact Wrestling
- Alicia Fox Backstage Issues With Travis Browne
- Jeff Jarrett Still Moving Forward with GFW
- Did Rusev Ask for His Release?
- Vladimor Kozlov Willing for Lesnar Mount Him
- Discussion on The Rock's Rampage Movie
- John Cena and The Rock Exchange Promos
- Hulk Hogan Return Pros & Cons
- NXT Call Up Predictions
- Anticipation of the WWE Superstar Shake-up
- Andre the Giant Documentary Deleted Scenes
- Thoughts on Upcoming New WWE Network Shows
- Highest Paid WWE Superstars According to Forbes
- Harry Smith's Hot Coffee Mod on Jake The Snake
- Wendy's Gets Back to Braun and More Food Wars
- Justin Credible's Struggle with Addiction
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates & More!!!!!

[Panelists - Ric DaraPadawan JenBianca SousaDestin Frazier]

Sunday, April 8, 2018

242 WrestleMania Hype Plus NXT Post Show

Thoughts & reactions to NXT TakeOver New Orleans II and a run down of the card results and feedback on the various outcomes PLUS we talk about WrestleMania Hype for the last time before the big show tomorrow as well as give our thoughts on the hall of fame.

[Panelists - Ric DaraPadawan JenBianca SousaDestin Frazier]

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

241 The Sound of Cody

- WrestleMania Weekend Schedule
- A Full Analysis of Ronda Rousey in WWE
- Triple H's Long Term play for 205 Live
- WrestleMania 34 Match Thoughts & Predictions
- Cody Destroys Disco Inferno in One Tweet
- 205 Live Tag Team Title Design
- WrestleMania Matches that Were "Kicked Off"
- ROH Supercard of Honor XIII Match Predictions
- Triple H See's Flaws in WWE's Execution
- Possible NXT Roster Call Ups Post Mania
- Lars Sullivan's Silly April Fool's Tweet
- NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Match Predictions
- Opinion on Indy Wrestler Spitting on Kid
- The Bullet Club Logo is Fine
- Cody's Response to Disgusting Racist Tweet
- Nasty WIll Ospreay Neck Injury
- The Return of El Generico
- The Invasion: The Alternate Ending
- WIll Emma Join the Bullet Club?
- Hulkster Flow Returns!!
- Chatroom Questions
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates & More!!!!!

 [Panelists - Ric DaraPadawan JenBianca SousaDestin Frazier]

Monday, April 2, 2018

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Dragon Ball FighterZ "We'll Fight in the Shade" Edition | Broly | Bardoc...

Dragon Ball FighterZ's 8 hour stream,  Enemy Warrior Arc Conclusion followed by some casual online matches using the 2 new DLC characters Broly & Bardock with Trunks. #FightInTheShade

[Panelists - Ric DaraDestin Frazier Jeff Bugen]