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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

218 It's the Johnson in Him

[Panelists - Ric DaraPadawan JenKidHumanBianca Sousa]

- WWE Starrcade Results and Promos
- Our Battle For Net Neutrality
- Black Friday Game Sales (What We Got)
- Ric's Justice League Feedback
- New WWE Show Replacing 205 Live?
- WWE's Current Low Ticket Sales
- List of 2018 WWE PPVs
- Hogan's Rumored WWE Return
- Daniel Bryan's Recovery Progress
- Nia Jax vs Body Shaming in WWE
- Samoans on the Mic
- Review of Kevin Owens 365 Special
- Finn Balor Not Over Enough?
- Austin Aries Hates on Fans
- Ric Flair's Appearance Price
- Owens & Zayn Heat Update
- Davey Richards & Angelina Love Split
- WWE Now Hiring Writers
- Bully Ray Retirement a Work?
- ROH Survival of the Fittest Update
- NJPW Tag League Standings
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates & More!!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

217 Like A Phoenix | TalkBrunch Anniversary

[Panelists - Ric DaraPadawan JenKidHumanBianca SousaDestin Frazier, Jordan Worth Cobb]

- Survivor Series Weekend Aftermath
- State of the Podcast Address
- Aj Styles Talks Retirement
- Former WWE Women in the Bullet Club
- Battlefront II & Loot Boxes Drama
- Survivor Series Single Buy Price
- The HBK vs Gargano "Ab-off"
- Broken Matt Hardy Coming Soon?
- The Punisher Spoiler Free Review
- Ric Flair Suing Former Manager
- Kennedy the Ring Announcer, Ring Announcer
- Bully Ray on Hall of Fame Induction
- Neville's Potential Return Deal
- Otunga Divorcing Jennifer Hudson
- Jen's Live ROH Survival of the Fittest Day
- Bon Voyage James Ellsworth
- The Problem with Switch & it's 2k18 Delay
- Austin Aries Shoots on WWE Release
- The Next Superstar Shake Up
- CM Punk's Return to Wrestling?
- Will War Games Ever Return?
- Cody Rhodes on NXT Not Selling Out
- Less WWE PPVs Per Year?
- Lucha Underground Returns for Season 4
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates & More!!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

216 WWE Survivor Series 2017 Post Show

Thoughts & reactions to the show and a run down of the card results and feedback on the various outcomes.

[Panelists - KidHumanPadawan JenDestin FrazierJordan Worth Cobb]

Sunday, November 19, 2017

215 NXT TakeOver WarGames Post Show

Thoughts & reactions to the show and a run down of the card results and feedback on the various outcomes.

[Panelists - Ric DaraKidHumanDestin FrazierJordan Worth Cobb]

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

214 Does She Like To Watch

[Panelists - Ric DaraPadawan JenKidHumanBianca Sousa]

- Survivor Series & NXT War Games Predictions
- Hulk Hogan Violates the Bro Code
- ROH's New Online Streaming Service
- Ric Flair 30 for 30 Overview
- Daniel Bryan's Return Inevitable
- Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn Issues
- James Storm & Bram Gone from Impact
- Alpha vs Omega Anticipation
- Young Bucks Profit from Cease & Desist
- Miss Bianca Wants Big Red Head
- Paige And Del Rio Break Up
- Hideo Itami On His Way Out?
- Jeff Jarrett's Rehab Selfie
- Triple H vs Jinder Mahal
- Clearing Out the Creative Team
- Owens vs Orton More Twitter War
- Rockstar Spud WWE Bound
- Neville's Possible Return
- Simon Gotch to Ring of Honor
- Cryme Tyme Vs Young Bucks??
- Puff Daddy's Stupid Joke
- Jack Swagger to Bellator
- Emma's Indy Fee
- Feast of Fooked
- HBO vs Netflix
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates  & More!!!!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

213 Now Hiring Paid Actors

[Panelists - Ric Dara, Padawan JenKidHumanBianca Sousa]

- Chris Jericho Vs Kenny Omega WK12
- Another Fappening Photo Leak
- Details on Recent WWE Releases
- Lio Almost Rushed to Future Endeavors
- The Real Housewives of Hogan's Friends
- Impact Wrestling's Swarm of Releases
- Bound for Glory 2017 Review
- Get Paid to Be an Impact Wrestling Fan
- Triple H's Overseas Appearances
- Del Rio's Harsh Bound for Glory Promo
- Paige's Training and Ring Return
- The Elevation of the Cruiserweights
- The Walking Dead 7x03 "Monsters"
- Sin Cara's Sneakara Footwear
- Puff Daddy's New Gimmick
- Nia Jax Explains Absence by Not Explaining
- The Miz & Baron Corbin's Twitter Feud
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates, MMA News & More!!!!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017