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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

200 The let it be Anniversary

[Panelists - Ric Dara, Padawan Jen, Bianca SousaMatt SquiresMcWrestlinDestin FrazierKidHumanJordan Worth Cobb]

- Shooting on Episode 200, A Retrospective
- Mayweather vs McGregor Honest Analysis
- Jon Jones Tests Negative for Integrity
- ROH War of the Worlds 2017 Liverpool, UK
- Why Sexystar is a Terrible Human being
- Rusev & Lana's Current WWE Status
- Enzo's Expensive MayMac Fight Ticket
- Sid's Ridiculous Wrestling Views
- Maria Kanellis Addresses Benett's Demons
- Dana Brooke Deals with Unfortunate Tragedy
- Asuka's Injuries and Possible Raw Debut
- Kid Saves Brother thanks to The Rock's Film
- JR & Paul Heyman's Emotional Moment
- GoT 7x07 Finale - The Dragon and the Wolf
- Jen's "Special" Exclusive Interview
- Playstation's Social Anxiety
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates & More!!!!!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Cobb's Comic Corner LIVE Episode 32

Jordan Worth CobbJohn EckesChandler Ritter]

On Cobb’s Comic Corner this week we try our best to defend from mediocrity as we discuss season one of The Defenders. We give full spoiler thoughts on the crossover of the Marvel shows from Netflix. Does this shot deliver or does it not quite pack the punch? Also discussed is the premiere of Marvel’s Spider-Man on Disney XD and the ever confusing landscape that is the DC Extended Universe from a standalone Joker origin movie to a Joker and Harley Quinn romance movie.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

199 Don't Half Ass Things 100 Percent

Mayweather Vs McGregor Voting Poll

Ric Dara, Padawan Jen, Bianca Sousa, McWrestlinMatt Squires]

- 1 Year In The Upgraded Chatroom
- The Braun Strowman Chipolte Special
- Adam Cole & Red Dragon in WWE
- McGregor vs Mayweather Predictions
- Daniel Bryan's Concussion Full Story
- Ric Flair Full Health Update
- Various GFW Releases & Returns
- Asuka & Big Cass Out with Bad Injuries
- Jinder Mahal's Journey & Comeback
- The Enzo Amore Heat Grows
- John Cena's Nexus Burial Details
- Roman Reigns as the Backstage Leader
- Triple H Puts Jimmy Fallon through a Table
- Jim Cornette's GFW Gig
- Is Baron Corbin Being Punished?
- Booby Roode to the Main roster?
- New GFW Title Belts Revealed
- Becky Lynch Calls out Cyborg Again
- The Defenders Spoiler Free Discussion
- SummerSlam & NXT TakeOver Aftermath
- Paige Teases Return
- Game of Thrones 7x06 Beyond the Wall
- Batman & Harley Quinn Review
- New Marvels Spider-Man Animated Reboot
- Wrestling Weeklies
- Injury Updates
- And more!!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

198 WWE SummerSlam 2017 Post Show

Thoughts & reactions to the show and a run down of the card results and feedback on the various outcomes.

[Panelists - Ric Dara, Padawan Jen, Bianca Sousa, McWrestlinMatt SquiresDestin Frazier]

Sunday, August 20, 2017

197 NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III Post Show

Thoughts & reactions to the show and a run down of the card results and feedback on the various outcomes.

[Panelists - Ric Dara, McWrestlinJordan Worth CobbDestin Frazier]

Friday, August 18, 2017

Cobb's Comic Corner LIVE Episode 31

This week’s Cobb’s Comic Corner gets all kinds of nostalgic with Bruce Timm’s return to DC Animation in the new film, Batman and Harley Quinn. Does the oddball pair measure up? DisneyXD brought back DuckTales recently and the crew take a look and see if the reboot can live up to the memories and fun of the original cartoon. Also discussions on the latest episodes of Rick and Morty and Game of Thrones as well as news surrounding a new possible Star Wars spin-off, an accident on the set of Deadpool 2, The Walking Dead, and more!

[Panelists - Jordan Worth CobbJohn EckesChandler RitterDestin FrazierRic Dara]

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

196 Glomgold Force Wrestling

SummerSlam 2017 Voting Poll
NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III Voting Poll

[Panelists - Ric Dara, Padawan Jen, Bianca Sousa, Matt Squires]

- SummerSlam & NXT TakeOver Polls & Predictions
- NJPW G1 Climax 27 Finals Review
- Ronda Rousey Training for WWE Career
- Comparing Jeff Jarrett to Flintheart Glomgold
- More Signs of the ROH Stable in WWE
- Game of Thrones 7x05 Eastwatch
- Bad Promo Work from Big Cass & Other Greens
- Superstar Shakeup Every 6 Months
- Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender
- Ducktales Woo-New!
- The Crowd Turned on Bayley
- Cody & Brandi Rhodes GFW Runs
- Enzo Amore's Big Break
- Nia Jax is Like a Monster
- Alberto & Paige Wrestling Returns
- Jon Jones Teasing Summerslam Cameo
- Dolph Ziggler's Depush & Repackaging
- Top *Original* NXT Breakout Stars
- Alexa Bliss & Sasha Banks Shoot Heat
- Asuka's Adjustments to USA & Florida
- Ric Flair's Health Update
- Alex Riley's New Movie
- Sara Lee's WWE Return
- Adan Cole's WWE Contract
- Scott Dawson's Injury
- Jinder & Kumar
- Wrestling Weeklies
- And more!!!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Cobb's Comic Corner LIVE Episode 30

[Panelists - Jordan Worth CobbJohn EckesChandler RitterTaylor Carlisle]

This week on Cobb’s Comic Corner we attempt a daring escape out of the norms of conventional comic books as we discuss the first issue in the new Mister Miracle miniseries by Tom King and Mitch Gerads, is it worth the price of admission? Find out! Also there is more talks on the happenings of Secret Empire, Wild Storm, The Defenders, Elsewhere, and more! News is made about Netflix adding Mark Millar’s adaptions and losing its business with Disney. All that and plus some Hellboy casting news and more!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

195 Cheeto Chuffa

[Panelists - Ric Dara, Padawan Jen, Bianca Sousa, KidHumanMcWrestlinMatt SquiresDestin Frazier]

 - Brandi Rhodes & Magnus on Bad GFW Contracts
- Eli Drake Shoots on El Patron During GFW Event
- NJPW G1 Climax 27 A & B Block Standings
- Various Legends on Big Time Wrestling Card
- Kenny Omega Knocks out Evil at G1
- Karen Jarrett Braun Strowman Update
- Broken Hardy Boyz Have Sea Support
- Game of Thrones 7x04 The Spoils of War
- GFW TV Taping and Lockdown PPV Updates
- WWE Budget Cuts & What They Mean
- Paige's Return to Wrestling
- Alberto's GFW Suspension Conflict
- Rey Mysterio's Return to Which Ring
- Cody Rhodes Total Gross Post WWE
- Enzo Amore's Certified Heat
- Big Cass's Main Event Plans
- Yoshihiro Takayama Paralyzed
- Sting Claims He Can Still Wrestle
- Eva Marie & HoHo Lun's Releases
- NXT Ring of Honor Stable Incoming?
- Cena/Nakamura Botched Suplex Spot
- John Cena's Future & Transformers Role
- Details on Possible Lucha Underground Renewal
- Baron Corbin's Main Event Future
- Will Owens vs Shane Work?
- Mustafa Ali & Mr 450 Nuclear Heat
- Jim Cornette's Kurt Cobain Comments
- Is Nia Jax An Unsafe Worker
- Bubba Ray On the Bully Character
- Why Lesnar vs Joe was Good for the Business
- Daniel Bryan Required NJPW Concussion Tests
- Injury Updates and More!!!!!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Cobb's Comic Corner LIVE Episode 29

Cobb’s Comic Corner this week hops through a portal to talk about the second return this year of Rick and Morty! The ever popular Adult Swim cartoon is fully back for its third season and we discuss the second episode and the series overall. In addition, there are talks over Unstoppable Wasp, The Flash, and Roughneck. There is news including a possible adaptation of Doctor Doom, the Hellboy reboot, the first look of Domino in Deadpool 2, and more!

[Panelists - Jordan Worth CobbJohn EckesChandler Ritter]

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

194 Waffle House Strippers at Certified G-Spots

[Panelists - Ric Dara, Padawan Jen, Bianca Sousa, KidHumanMcWrestlinMatt SquiresDestin Frazier]

- Enzo's Certified Waffle House
- Reby Vs GFW For Broken Hardy Ownership So Far
- WWE Cutbacks & Potential Releases
- UFC 214 Outcomes & Aftermaths
- Braun Strowman Bends the Knee for Karen Jarrett
- Arrest Warrant for Paige/Del Rio Suspension Updates
- WWE Q3 Earnings & Network Subscriber Count
- AJ Styles speaks on fighting Nakamura at Wrestlemania
- Breaking Down the WWE Style of Wrestling vs The Indies
- AJ Styles on working with Cena
- Has WWE Wasted Shinsuke Nakamura?
- SuperStar Shakeup Coming After Summerslam
- AJ Styles Snubbed on the Summerslam Poster
- Why Gamestop & Midnight Launches Suck
- RoadDogg Has a Block Party
- Thoughts on Moving Raw & Smackdown to the WWE Network
- More Canceled WWE Network Shows Inbound
- Jericho's Altercation Outside Club in Atlanta
- Moose Signs New Deal & Jack Swagger GFW Bound
- GFW cancels Live Show due to low ticket sales
- Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar a Possibility
- Smacking Talk with Renee Young and Daniel Bryan
- Rick and Morty 3X02 Rickmancing The Stone Discussion
- Game of Thrones Season 7X03 The Queen's Justice Review
- Weekly Recap of shows ROH NXT RAW
- Bram Beats a Man
- And More!!!!!