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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

112 Memorial Day Bash Heel Turn

- Full Details & Discussion on the WWE Brand Split
- ROH War of the Worlds NYC Review
- The Club Vs John Cena
- X-Men FoxPocalypse
- Paul London's Terrible WWE Experience
- Undertaker/Vince McMahon Heat
- Paige and Del Rio's Tattoos
- Game of Thrones 6x06 "Blood of my Blood" Discussion
- Overwatch Feedback (Review in progress)
- Apollo Crews on Main Roster Call Up
- We Need the Old Kurt Angle
- Cody & Brandi Rhodes Departures
- Ric Flair and the 4 Horse Women
- The Pros & Cons of 2 World Titles
- NXT Takeover The End?
- WWE's Interest in Johnny Morrison
- Bridge Burning Tendencies in the Business
- Remembering Capcom's Rival Schools
- Hilarious Jim Cornette Opinion on Ryback
- Hulkster Flow
- Smurf TNA
- Injury Road

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

111 WWE Extreme Rules Rollins Returns

- WWE Extreme Rules, Raw, NXT, Aftermath
- The Full Cody Rhodes Story
- Rollins Returns
- Game of Thrones 6x05 "The Door"
- Anticipating Overwatch
- Fallout 4 Far Harbor
- Jen's Racism Free Week
- Nude Photos of Dana Brooke Leak
- TNA Impact Rundown
- Injury Road
- The End of the Styles/Reigns Feud
- Future Plans for Kalisto
- More WWE Releases
- Ryback to TNA?
- Fantasy Booking
- and more!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

110 WWE Extreme News and Jens Smurfing Birthday Bash

- WWE Extreme Rules Thoughts & Predictions
- Ric, Mc, and Rage LIVE together in Studio
- Jen's Given Full Control of the Show 
- Disturbing Audio of Chyna
- WWE's Firing Saga Chapter 2
- TNA Behind Paying People Again
- Ring of Honor People Leaving
- Hardy of the Many Willows
- Law and Order Staring Adam Rose
- Game of Thrones
- CM Punk's UFC Issues
- Hulkster Flow
- Alundra Blaze Pissed at Road Dogg
- Bobby Roode & Eric Young News
- Velvet Skye (TNA Star) Heading to WWE?
- Taco Jericho
- Alberto Del Rio's Current "Position"
- Injury Road
- WWE's Japan Tour
- Triple H's New Performance Deal
- New NXT Head Writer Revealed
- Kevin Owens on Trolling Fans on Twitter
- WWE' Current Subscriber Count
- Ric Flair Drama
- Lana's NXT in Ring Debut
- Trish Status says she'd return to WWE
- Natalya says NO to Gym Owners Creepiness
- Raw, NXT, Weekly Show Rundowns
- Patrick Clarks Controversial Gimmick Change
- Reaction to Chris Hero's Weight

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

109 Bulletclub Global Warfare And WWE Firings

- ROH Global Wars Full Review
- Captain America Civil War Spoiler Free Talk
- WWE's Spring Cleaning
- Who's Fault was Enzo's Injury (Discussion)
- Ryback/WWE Fight
- TNA's Life Support
- Adam Rose's Doctor's Note
- WWE's Jab at CM Punk
- Stephanie on Chyna in the Hall of Fame
- EC3's Attack on WWE at Evolve 61
- Former WWE Stars to GFW
- Raw Rundown
- Progression of the Aj Styles Roman Reigns Feud
- A couple of new Bulletclub members
- WWE Possibly Acquires more ROH Talent
- Injury Updates
- and much more!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

108 WWE Payback - A Fight at the Roxbury

- WWE Payback/RAW Aftermath
- Ric Flair's Big Adventure
- Marty Jannetty at the Roxbury
- Samoa Joe's Experience in NXT
- Edge & Chrstian Show/Camp WWE
- TNA Comings & Goings
- Stone Cold's Final Mania Appearance
- Breaking down the Roman Empire
- Scott Steiner's Angry Rant
- Becky Lynch on Emma
- Enzo's Injury
- Update on Chyna
- Eric Young's NXT Debut
- RIP League of Nations
- Bret Hart's on WWE's Bad Booking
- WWE Network's Drastic Changes
- Ring of Honor Bomb Scare
- Dolph Ziggler's Brother Wanted
- WWE Commentator Firings & Heat
- Injury Updates
- and much more!!