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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

107 Call The 5-4-1

- WWE Payback Final Card & Predictions
- The Death of Chyna & Prince
- Game of Thrones - 6X01 "The Red Woman" Review
- Vince Russo's Breakdown
- Finn Balor Title Change/'Injury'
- TNA's Current Status, Landscape & Slammiversary Card
- Adam Rose's Suspension
- The Evolve/NXT Global Cruiserweight Series
- Conor McGregor's UFC Drama
- GFW's Gold Scheme
- Team TalkBrunch Reaches out to the Listeners
- McWrestlin Vs Sprint
- Injury Road

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

106 Jack, Coke & Bulletclub

- Jack Coke And Bulletclub
- NJPW Invasion Attack Full Review
- Quantum Break Rundown
- Comparing Online Gaming Experiences
- Captain America Civil War Movie vs Comic
- Fear The Walking Dead's Writing
- Chyna's Botch
- Ricochet to WWE
- Lucha Underground News
- Balls Mahoney’s Death
- Injury Road
- Pri Returns!!!!
- TNA Drops Their Load
- Shane McMahon Lawsuit Detailed
- Total Bellas News
- The Ascension Suspension
- Johnny Mondo's Rikishi and Reigns Heat
- Lonely Virgil on Edge & Christian Show
- New Day Merchandise Sales
- The Passion of the Wyatt
- Finn Balor on a Horse

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

105 Batman V TNA

- Rock's Hogan Sex Tape Joke
- Suicide Squad, Civil War & Rogue One Trailer Reactions
- Scott's Dark Souls III Launch Party
- Fear The Walking Dead 2x01 "Monster" Review
- GameStop's Bad Business Practices
- Crimson's Adventure
- TNA's Big Move & How we feel about it
- Ricochet WWE/Lucha Contract Updates
- MVP Fired From Lucha Underground
- Bootritional Facts on Booty-Os
- The Origin of Nakamura's Bomaye/Kinshasa kick
- Bret Hart's Take on WrestleMania
- Total Diva's Releases
- Sting's Retirement
- WWE Ratings and Records
- Roman Reigns Lines
- Injury Updates
- The Exploitation of the IC Title
- Aj Styles & Samoa Joe on TNA & WWE Experiences
- Roman Reign's Heel Turn
- Details on Latest Ultimate Fighter Series
- Kenny Omega's ROH Match
- NJPW Upcoming Shows

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

104 WrestleMania Heel Turns

- WrestleMania Rundown
- Ric's Batman V Superman Brutal Review
- Thoughts on the new WWE Women's Championship
- What did & didn't work on Raw
- Aj Styles Main Event Role & TNA Contract Conflict Update
- Walking Dead Season Finale Backlash
- Jen's Live Experience at Mania, Axxess and NXT TakeOver
- Ric's Batman V Superman Insult Number Counter
- Lilian Garcia, Queen of Botches
- WWE's ACTUAL WrestleMania Attendance Record
- Random Entrances and Props
- The Rock's Flame Thrower
- Several NXT call ups to Raw

Sunday, April 3, 2016

103 WrestleMania Brunch Pregame

Padawan Jen brings us LIVE coverage from WrestleMania Axxess in this special LIVE 2 hour episode where we'll give our thoughts and feedback on the aftermath of NXT TakeOver Dallas as well as the Hall of Fame from the previous nights before we discuss hopes & predictions for the highly anticipated WrestleMania line-up that evening, including rumors of some very special returns!!   This will be one for the history books!!!

Friday, April 1, 2016

102 Wrestlemania Countdown, Jon Jones in Trouble Again

- Wrestlemania Marathon Details
- Weekly RAW & NXT Rundowns
- Batman V Superman
- The Walking Dead 6x15 "East" Review
- Jon Jones caught by cops drag racing audio
- Ronda Rousey's Feelings on Holly Holm Loss
- NXT Takeover Card & Predictions
- Kat Williams MMA Upset
- The Division Updates
- WWE Hall of Fame Induction Updates
- Hulkster Flow
- Scott Steiner has words for Hogan & Dixie
- Anticipating Quantum Break
- Mr Anderson on negative TNA statement
- Former NXT talents to TNA
- Stacker 2 Fat Burner Epilogue
- Daniel Bryan's Retirement Discussion
- The Rock's Mania Role Theories
- Brock Lesnar on Substances and Titles
- Vader's Mastadong
- Brand Split Rumors
- Injuries & Recoveries