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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

101 Hogan and Gawker, X Men and Walkers

- WWE Raw, NXT & ROH Aftermaths
- Jen's RantEM Sushi Taste Challenge Aftermath
- Hulkster Money Flow
- Joey Ryan & Rey Mystery in Lucha Underground
- New X-Men Apocalypse Trailer
- Titus O'Neil's Suspension Update
- Jordon Cobb Does a Run in
- Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio Have a Match
- Batman V Superman Movie Gross
- Why Quantum Break is worth the buy
- Funny Edge & Christian Show Segments
- Eric Young & Bobby Roode's Status
- Is James Storm TNA's POW?
- Photoshopping with Matt Squires
- Hall of Fame Updates
- The Walking Dead 6x14 "Twice as far" Review
- Updates on Returns & Injuries
- TNA Comings & Goings
- New Hall of Fame Inductions
- CM Punk UFC Update
- Evolve Holding WWE Cruiserweight Tournament
- Most watched WWE Network Shows

Friday, March 18, 2016

Padawan Jen's Taste Challenge - Ep45 "Piranha Killer Sushi"

During the special 100th episode of TalkBrunch, Ric challenged Padawan Jen to try sushi LIVE on the RantEM radio airwaves for the first time.  What transpires are some hilarious and historical moments for the history books!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

100 Anniversary Party, WWE Roadblock, UFC, Walking Dead

- WWE Roadblock, Raw, NXT & ROH Aftermaths
- Thoughts on Tom Clancy's "The Division"
- Jen's RantEM Sushi Taste Challenge
- Hulkster Penis Flow
- Double A Does a Run In
- Kazuchika Okada to WWE?
- The Firing of Mr Anderson
- EA Sports UFC 2 First Impressions
- Lucha Underground's Status
- Titus O'Neil's Suspension Update
- WWE Roster Split
- NXT News & Changes
- Update on NJPW People Headed to WWE
- Seth Rollin's Training
- Pri & Ric watch Taste of Tenille
- Big Wrestlemania Changes & Plans
- Main Event Plans for Shinsuke Nakamura
- Hall of Fame Updates
- Jim Cornette & Vince Russo Commentary
- The Walking Dead 6x13 "The Same Boat" Review
- Linda Hogan - "If you knew my Husband"

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

099 UFC 196, Wrestlemania Roadblock and Memories of Boss Man

*Brunch Menu*
- WWE Roadblock Discussion & Predictions
- Memories of Newly Inducted Hall of Famer Big Boss Man
- UFC 196 aftermath McGregor vs Diaz & Holm vs Tate
- Styles Clash Banned Rumors
- Tammy Sytch/Edge & Christian Heat
- The Walking Dead 6x12 "Not Tomorrow Yet" Review
- Dana White's Shoot on Vince McMahon
- The Week of Wrestling with Raw, NXT, ROH, etc
- McWrestlin' Sleeps on Zootopia
- Pri Turns Into Megatron & Needs a Snickers....better?
- Analyzing WWE's Disciplinary Tactics
- Wrestlemania Matches & Austin's Role at Mania
- Using Past History to Intensify to the Taker/Shane Angle
- Hayabusa Dead at 47
- Bulletclub Inbound
- The Y2A-Joke
- Hulkster Flow
- Sami Zayn's Return
- Batista on Titus O'Neil's Suspension
- Injury Updates

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Conor McGregor Holly Holm Shocking Finish UFC 196 Reactions

It's time to discuss another night of shocking upsets and finishes. The fun never ends

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

098 WWEs Fuller House of Injuries

- Host Swap Ric and Mc Switch Places
- Review of the Ring of Honor 14th Anniversary PPV
- TNA for Sale
- The Week of Wrestling with Raw, NXT, ROH, NJPW etc
- Talk on upcoming UFC 196 McGregor vs Diaz & Holm vs Tate
- Fuller House Impressions
- The Walking Dead 6x11 "Knots Untie" Review
- Fabulous Freebirds for 2016 Hall of Fame
- Injury Updates
- The Pawning of Hall of Fame Rings
- Shane O'Mac
- What Games Are Team TalkBrunch Playing?
- Smite Night
- Lucha Underground Comic Books
- The True Top Wrestling Companies
- Chris Hero's Weight
- Roman Reign's Push
- What Pure WWE Wrestlers Would Make it in the Indys
- Why Pawn Stars is a Work
- Leaked NXT Pilot Script