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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

089 TalkBrunch RantEM New Years Party

- Raw, NXT, RoH, Super Smackdown & Troops tribute Rundown
- Ric and Mc, live in studio
- The team goes shopping at ShopTNA.com
- Tom Philips recovering from Steph beatdown
- New day Rocks
- Vince McMahon's swagger
- Changes to the Slammys
- Vinny Ru on Kevin Owens
- Tamnia's jungle music
- Injury updates
- Diva's title or Women's title?
- TNA pops
- Rockamania
- Chyna seasons beatings
- Kurt angle on leaving WWE for TNA
- Billy Gun wins
- Is Bellator the TNA of MMA?
- Eva Marie threatens main roster return
- Hernandez/Lucha Underground lawsuit
- John Cena 4 Life
- Analyzing the Roman Reigns push
- WWE Breaking ground talk
- CM Punk in UFC 2
- Sexual chocolate & Sammy
- Rage Hardy
- Remembering Motorhead

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

088 Xmas Spectacular, WWE, ROH, NXT, UFC AND Star Wars

- RoH Final Battle Review
- Star Wars Spoiler SAFE Discussion
- WWE Raw Slammy Awards Rundown
- UFC on Fox 17 Results
- NXT TakeOver London Feedback
- Changes needed in creative
- Kurt Angle on last TNA match
- Flair & Foley
- Joey Ryan YouPorn deal
- Crazy Vince Russo/Cornette gun story
- TNA status update
- WWE 2k16 Legends Pack
- Hardy's on WWE HoF Induction
- Cena/Riley Heat
- Indy talent turning down WWE
- Maria and Mike Bennett done in RoH
- The Rock being sued
- Sasha Banks chicken toss

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

087 UFC Rousey Rematch, WWE TLC New Champs, Movie Trailers and more

- TLC, Raw & NXT Rundown
- TMNT, X-Men, Star Trek, & Independence day discussion
- NXT Takeover London Predictions
- Ronda Rousey speaks honestly on defeat and what's next
- Conor McGregor on moving to another division
- New Smackdown lead announcer
- Hulkster flow
- Devon Dudley on retirement
- Jake Roberts lost it
- The Daniel Bryan debacle
- Triple H on moving guys up from NXT
- Stampede wrestling pulled from WWE network
- Sting injury update and Mania 32 appearance
- Rey Mysterio's new contract
- Lucha Underground return news
- Disruptive fans
- ROH/PWG Partnership details
- Tammy's words on Chris Candido's movie
- Wrestlemania weekend news
- JBL Heat
- Shane Helms backlash

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Conor McGregor Jose Aldo Shocking Finish UFC 194 Reactions

In this round table we share our thoughts, reaction & feedback to the shocking conclusion of Weidman/Rockhold & Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo's shocking Finish UFC 194.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Jessica Jones Ep 4 6 Comic Comparisons and Review

Volume 2 of our review of the Netflix original series Jessica Jones, a Marvel cinematic universe spin-off. A series with a noir style psychological story. Included are comparisons it to the original comic book source material and overall thoughts on the series. We review episodes 4-6 with spoilers.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

086 WWE TLC predictions, Batman V Superman, Raw,dirtsheets

- WWE TLC Predictions
- Batman V Superman vs Civil War discussion
- The rebirth of stables
- New WWE Network vault shows
- Raw & NXT Rundown
- Mick Foley on son working WWE creative
- Impractical List of banned WWE items at live events
- Ricardo Rodriguez on Del Rio's return
- Thoughts on Melina drama
- Owens Vs Lesnar
- JR's twitter account hacked
- WWE mad at Braddox
- Vinny Ru on USA ratings
- Rey Mysterio's injuries
- Daniel Bryan/Ben Henderson Jiu-jitsu training
- Snuka/Sunny news trials
- JTG on Hogan
- Scott Steiner hitting deers
- Justin Gabriel leaves GFW for Lucha Underground

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

085 Rousey vs Holm 2, State of WWE, Walking Dead Mid Season Talk

- Holly Holm on Larry King
- Raw & NXT Rundown
- Walking Dead Mid Season Finale Talk with Surfer
- Cyborg & Miesha's challenge to Holm
- TNA cancels India tour discussion
- Bruce Buffer on Ronda Rousey being overwhelmed
- Introducing Jen, who is Jen?
- WWE Superstar's arrest
- MVP on TNA's new TV deal
- New upcoming WWE Network podcasts and shows
- Injury and release updates
- Former WWE names speak on brand
- WWE Security
- Listener comments