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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jessica Jones Review Episodes 1 - 3

A review of the Netflix original series Jessica Jones, a Marvel cinematic universe spin-off. A series with a noir style psychological story. Included are comparisons it to the original comic book source material and overall thoughts on the series. First half is spoiler free impressions followed by a countdown warning which leads into the second half where we review episodes 1-3 with spoilers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

084 TalkBrunch LIVE Anniversary WWE Survivor Series Deluxe Show

- Survivor Series feedback
- Walking Dead Discussion
- Holly Holm Doubters comments
- TNA Wrestling new TV deal details and thoughts
- Ric Flair & other legends on the Charlotte angle
- Raw Rundown
- Is "character" necessary in MMA?
- Triple H on Hogan's return
- New NXT talent from Lucha, the indys and TNA
- What NXT talent will be keeping their indy names
- Kurt Angle shoots on career
- Superstar Twitter Wars
- Cesaro injury details
- Top 10 streaming services
- CM Punk on New day
- Possible Superstar retirements
- Show announcements
- Listener comments

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

083 Rousey Conspiracy Nuts, WWE Survivor Series Predictions

- Rousey vs Holm feedback Part 2
- Walking Dead Always 6x06 Accountable Review
- Survivor series predictions
- Raw Rundown
- More TNA departures
- Billy Gun release details
- The Rock speaks on leaving WWE
- NXT Takeover London
- Indy contract talks
- RoH leaves Destination America to new network
- Hulker Flow
- Ways to watch Ring of Honor
- Nikki Bella injury
- Thoughts on NXT title change
- Seth Rollins injury update
- Tammy Sytch's holocaust
- Ring Rat Rumors
- Thoughts on pilot episode of Into the Badlands
- Listener comments addressed
- TalkBrunch's anniversary live special reminder

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ronda Rousey Holly Holm UPSET UFC 193 Reactions

In this round table we share our thoughts, reaction & feedback to the shocking conclusion of Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm at UFC 193

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

082 WWE, Rollins injury, NXT and Raw UK Rundowns

- Rollins injury update
- Raw UK & NXT Rundowns
- Weekly Walking Dead Review
- Thoughts on Supergirl series
- Call of duty black ops 3 Impressions
- WWE 2k16 experiences
- Adam Rose's Bunny Heel Turn
- Stone Cold's thoughts on Rollins injury
- Replacement main eventer discussion
- Survivor Series Predictions
- Orton Injury update
- Kurt Angle on why he left WWE
- CM Punk, Ric Flair & Andre documentary info
- Why Joe & Asuka will not go to the main roster
- Del Rio, ROH, WWE, & AAA contract discussion
- Madison Rayne comments on the Diva's revolution
- Bootleg "The Rock JR" in the indys
- Daniel Bryan announcements and updates
- Several new WWE legends contracts
- Rey Mysterio talks
- What Finn Balor thinks of Sheamus Vs Conor McGregor
- UFC 193 Rousey vs Holm
- Announcements on TalkBrunch upcoming events

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

081 Hashtag Wont Dump My Championship in the Trash

- Raw Rundown
- Walking Dead Episode discussion
- TNA issues with Destination America
- Ryback on Stone Cold's podcast
- Ronda Rousey to WWE
- Jerry Lawler head on collision details
- Hogan's leaked contract
- Rundown of new recruits at performance center
- The return of Evil Dead
- Halo 5 feedback
- Kurt Angle updates
- Alundra Blaze Vs Paige
- Young Bucks new contract
- Jimmy Snuka court plea
- X-Pac's heat with indy promoter
- Sheamus/McGregor heat
- Lucha Underground schedule update
- Del Rio contract conflicts
- Big injury report
- Will Tyson Kidd ever return