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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

- WWE Money in the bank 2015 predictions
- Jessica Havok racist slurs
- Samoa Joe contract terms
- Tyson Kidd Spinal Injury
- E3 2015 thoughts
- Gaming banter on Destiny & Elder Scrolls Online
- Aj Styles turning down TNA
- ROH/TNA Viewership numbers breakdown and discussion
- Goldberg and Kimbo Slice
- The benefits of the WWE Network
- WWE Network 4th of July Tokyo Special
- Text cheating in UFC
- Listener questions and comments
- Recent Raw, NXT and TNA show discussions

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

- New WWE attires
- Memories of Nassau Coliseum and Madison Square Garden
- State of TNA's TV contract
- Ring of Honor on Destination America
- Vince Russo heat
- Hogan Wrestlemania retirement match
- Triple H as a part time Mania event 
- Pros and Cons of social media wrestling groups
- Listener questions
- Short term vs Long term booking
- Booking the return of the Shield
- Samoa Joe vs Tyson Kidd dark match
- What's next for Rusev
- Kevin Owens success and talent
- Elimination chamber discussion
- Raw rundown 
- Stone Cold Steve Austin/Paul Heyman podcast discussion
- Cena vs Owens as masters of the mic

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