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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's a TalkBrunch Memorial day barbecue!!   And this is what's on the menu.
- TNA's Destination America situation
- Samoa joe's WWE contract & TNA departure
- Memorial day weekend Gaming
- Shovel knight
- Smite
- Destiny House of wolves
- Josh Matthews is cunty again
- Tammy Sytch and Vivid
- Tough enough thoughts
- Changes to the Diva's division
- Injury reports
- Jericho's twitter account hacked
- Listener replies
- UFC 187 highlights
- Cormier nasty comments to Ryan Bader post PPV
- TNA impact review
- RIP Second screen
- Raw Rundown

Direct Download - http://bit.ly/1SAEZan

#UFC187 #RawLongIsland #WWE #RAW #TNA #ChrisWeidman #UFC

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Ric Dara & Jason Burke midnight brunch
- NXT TakeOver Unstoppable Review
- Thoughts on NXT Sunday PPVS
- TNA possibly gone
- Sami Callihan push
- Hideo Itami injury
- Tyler Breeze push
- Finn Balor
- Stephanie at NXT with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (The Mountain)
- Emma as a heel
- Baron Corbin not working
- Alexa Bliss heel turn
- Incredible Sasha Banks Becky Lynch match review
- Samoa Joe arrives at WWE NXT

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

- Brock Lesnar snaps at fans
- Young Bucks talent and success
- Beer money hindsight
- Ric's JTG Book review
- TNA turned down by former talent
- Scott Hall allegedly drunk
- McWrestlin's R-Truth hopes
- Tammy Sytch on vivid adult movies deal
- Destiny House of Wolves
- Views on the adult industry overall
- Daniel Bryan status update
- Trying weird Android games
- Ronda Rousey on returning to WWE
- ROH GLobal Wars review
- WWE Payback review
- Raw Rundown
- Black twin magic
- Kevin Owens on Raw
- WWE 2k16 possible changes and roster size

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

- Jon Jones
- GFW Roster reactions
- JTG's new book
- Raw and Smackdown highlights
- NXT rundown
- Impact wrestling review
- RoH Current angles
- Daniel Bryan possible retirement
- And other news

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

- Mayweather conspiracy revealed and explained
- NBA Playoffs
- Jon Jones and UFC update
- Avengers age of Ultron
- Marvel and DC Cinematic universe comparisons
- Jaded pop culture fans
- Too much GFW hype
- Lana's American face turn
- Booker T and Nikki's heat
- CM Punk's trolling
- TNA state of the business analysis
- The Walking Dead news
- WWE Raw review
- Montreal heat
- John Cena a master of crowd control
- Bryan and Rollins possibly next Bret and shawn
- Return of the Shield
- The descent of the Ascension
- The new Hart dynasty/Kings of wrestling combo
- R-Truth's crazy promo