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Oh and don't get offended guys, remember that it's all satirical! ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

244 The Song That Doesn't End

- WrestleMania Aftermath News & Updates
- Brock Lesnar/Vince McMahon Backstage Issues
- Conor McGregor Gone Wild
- ROH Supercard of Honor XII Full Rundown
- WrestleCon Supershow 2018 Impressions
- UFC 223 Co & Main Event Results
- Brock Lesnars's Contracts with UFC and WWE
- Alberto Del Rio Fired from Impact Wrestling
- Alicia Fox Backstage Issues With Travis Browne
- Jeff Jarrett Still Moving Forward with GFW
- Did Rusev Ask for His Release?
- Vladimor Kozlov Willing for Lesnar Mount Him
- Discussion on The Rock's Rampage Movie
- John Cena and The Rock Exchange Promos
- Hulk Hogan Return Pros & Cons
- NXT Call Up Predictions
- Anticipation of the WWE Superstar Shake-up
- Andre the Giant Documentary Deleted Scenes
- Thoughts on Upcoming New WWE Network Shows
- Highest Paid WWE Superstars According to Forbes
- Harry Smith's Hot Coffee Mod on Jake The Snake
- Wendy's Gets Back to Braun and More Food Wars
- Justin Credible's Struggle with Addiction
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates & More!!!!!

[Panelists - Ric DaraPadawan JenBianca SousaDestin Frazier]