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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

239 All Back and No Elbow

- Fabulous Moolah Controversy
- Jonny Bravo Fails and Lies about Reigns
- Daniel Bryan's Contract and Injury Update
- Remembering Chyna's Wrestling Skillz
- Aj Styles Weekend Injury Concerns
- Angry?  Grab a Snickers
- Jeff Hardy Accident Update
- WWE's Top 10 Women's Matches
- The Dudley Boyz Inducted by Edge & Christian?
- Ryback offends Rusev During Live Chat
- Hillbilly Jim Wants a Hulkster Induction
- WrestleMania 35 Already Locked and Loaded
- 50 Man Royal Rumble Network Special Confirmed
- Rey Mysterio Status Update & Lucha Company
- Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella?
- Cena & Steve Blue's Clues Heat
- Rich Swann's Depression
- Remembering Netflix Party View
- Xbox One / PS4 Pros & Cons
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates & More!!!!!

[Panelists - Ric DaraPadawan JenBianca SousaDestin Frazier]