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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

322 Just for the Jeddah Pop

- Who's Next to be in a Bad Goldberg Match
- The Hot Salty Super Showdown Review
- Matt Riddle is Goldberg's Ultimate Troll
- Vince McMahon Conscious of Broken Creative
- Velveteen Confused on the Creative Process
- The Saudi's are All Out on Women's Wrestling
- NJPW Best of the Super Jr 26 & G1 Update
- iMPACT Gets Screwed by Pursuit Again
- Bully Ray Dealing with Unjustified Heat
- When Fans Mark Out Too Much
- Vince Still in Search of a Mighty Mouse
- AEW Fyterfest Details and Announcements
- Jon Moxley Makes Ripples Across the Indys
- Dustin Has had His Last Match with Cody
- Ryback Recalls Bridge Burning on Last Day
- Maria Kanellis is Aware of the Countdown
- Becky Lynch vs Edge in a Twitter War
- Enzo Discusses Ignoring Creative
- Stupid Reason for Arm Wrestling Segment
- Weekly Wrestling Rundown
- Injury Updates & More!!!!!